In The Black





Writers - Andrew Burrows Trotman & Frances-Anne Solomon
Creator & Director - Frances-Anne Solomon

Based on the book, In The Black - My Life by B. Denham Jolly, the film tells the story of the Jamaican born businessman's twelve-year battle to create and license FLOW 93.5 - Canada's first Black radio station, that helped to launch the careers of Drake, Michie Mee and many other breakout Canadian stars. Civil unrest in Toronto, Canada brewed in the late 1980’s with activists publically citing the police force as “the most violent in North America”. IN THE BLACK, a dramatic feature based on true events, spotlights this hidden era by following the 12-year battle of Denham Jolly, a determined yet burdened Jamaican businessman who, like Samson to Goliath, takes ‘up the mantle’ fighting the government, the music industry along with his past demons to erect the first Black radio station in the country with the sole purpose to amplify the voice of an unheard generation and ultimately spark a movement.