Better Than Silver and Gold




10 episode x 30 min Drama TV Series

produced by Frances-Anne Solomon, Dahlia Fernandes, and Kristen Lambie

Elle is a Jamaican born law-student currently living in and studying at the island's top law school. By day she is learning the ins and outs of the justice system. After hours she works as a bank teller to support her education and family. As a child, Elle and her baby sister, Natasha, aka NattyG, shared a love for music as their father was a well-known singer and musician in the Reggae music scene. Coming from a broken family, Elle's parents' marriage fell apart as they raised their two daughters in Canada. Given the opportunity to return to their homeland, Jamaica, their mother migrates, taking Elle with her. Now eight years later, Elle is in her final year of studying law, and though she desires to have a close relationship with her parents and sisters, she realizes that she can only rely on herself. Meanwhile, for the past decade, Natasha has lived miles away in Canada, pursuing the musical life they dreamed of together. Being an underground rap superstar comes with risks, and unlike Elle, NattyG isn't afraid to take the leap. Living in two different parts of the world, with entirely different lives, the sisters have a forced reconnection when Natasha desperately needs Elle's background in the law. Elle books a one-way ticket to Canada and decides to stay in Toronto with her father, Chedwick. With minimal options to clear NattyG's name, she interns for a prestigious lawyer in Canada while working with them to fight for her sister's innocence. Upon landing, she is placed in the unfamiliar world of present-day Toronto, where she has to navigate the underground Hip Hop scene, riddled with hidden talent and shady secrets. Elle devotes herself to her sister's case and quickly realizes that her passion for music still lies within.