Addressing Recent Events and Reaffirming Our Commitment

Addressing Recent Events and Reaffirming Our Commitment

Note from Frances-Anne Solomon on Behalf of CaribbeanTales Media Group

Dear Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address a recent event and to reaffirm our commitment to our mission.

First, I want to share information about CaribbeanTales Media Group's operations. For 25 years, we have been committed to supporting Black and Global Majority filmmakers from the Caribbean, and in Canada, the UK, and South Africa. Our mission has always been to amplify OUR voices and to create sustainable opportunities in the screen-based industries for our communities, through training, film productions, festivals, and film distribution.

As a Black-owned, female-led company, we have faced innumerable and sometimes insurmountable challenges. Like all of you, in your lives, businesses, and careers, we have faced systemic barriers that have threatened to derail us every single day. Yet my dedication to my mission and purpose in this life has never wavered.

Now, I would like to address a recent event on one of our productions. Our independent film In The Black encountered a delay in payments from our confirmed funders. This delay meant we were unable to honor the last block of payments to cast and crew on time.

Your dedication and hard work are the heart of our projects. We apologise for and deeply regret the pain and frustration this has caused. Nevertheless, these challenges are not uncommon in the world of independent filmmaking.

Our Producer Nicole Brooks has been in communication constantly with all affected contractors in a transparent way. With the support and collaboration of the unions ACTRA, IATSE, and NABET; our funders Telefilm Canada, the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates, Rogers Cable Network Fund; and all our valued Partners, we have been actively working to ensure all payments are processed and paid out as quickly as possible. At the moment, all crew have been compensated, and Block 4 payments to actors and vendors are in process.

Unfortunately, frustration has led certain individuals to express themselves in ways that are both concerning and unacceptable. This has taken the form of a violent sustained smear campaign against me, my team members, our companies, and all our associated projects. While we completely understand the urgency and rightful demand for timely payments, violent threats do not accelerate the payment process. They hinder our ability to implement practical solutions effectively.

We assure you that all payments remain our top priority. Additionally, we continue to work with law enforcement to address the criminal attacks on our companies and on individual team members. We want to assure all current participants in our programs and projects that they are safe and that the opportunities we provide are real and grounded in decades of commitment, experience, skills, and expertise by highly qualified professionals from our communities.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in CaribbeanTales Media Group.

Warm regards,
Frances Anne Solomon